Teaching with CaRIne

Because CaRIne exposes in a clear way the relationships between the different geometrical representations of crystals, and thanks to its user friendly interface, CaRIne has been choosen worldwilde by many teachers to illustrate their lessons.

Since 1989, your students may have used CaRIne during teaching lessons or exercises. But students cannot become experts in only a few hours. With its new simplified version for students, your students will be able to extend lessons at home and during personal work in computer labs. Also, they will get more motivation, going back home with "something" in their hands.

Give your students all the opportunities to reach success by getting a student laboratory license of CaRIne and receive the unlimitted right to distribute them the simplified version for students of CaRIne. If you already have purchased a student laboratory license, you will receive a free CD-ROM of the simplified version for students upon request.

Note : the simplified version for students is only available for the 3.1 version of CaRIne at this time.