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Customizing CaRIne

CaRIne is fully customizable. The language can be selected by the user and CaRIne keeps a track of the size and position of each window. For example, the size and location of the main window or the project manager window are saved when stoping CaRIne and retrieved when starting it again. Moreover, it is possible to change the look and feel by selecting a new theme.

Customizing the look of CaRIne step by step (1)

  • Download one or more of the following themes and save them in the directory themes placed in the directory where CaRIne is installed (for example C:\PProgram Files\CCaRIne Crystallography 4.0\tthemes\<) or in the directory themes placed in your profile directory (for example C:\CCaRIne Crystallography-4.0.0-system_user_name\mmy_themes\<).
  • Quit CaRIne if it is been already started.
  • Start CaRIne.
  • From the [Options] menu of the main window, select the command [Configuration].
  • In the Application configurator, select the [Themes] option group from the left column.
  • Select one theme among the list, press the [ok] button.
  • Quit and restart CaRIne.

(1) - The description given above is available for the version or higher, for an older revision of CaRIne the downloaded themes must be copied as CaRIne.prf in the prefs directory placed in the install directory of CaRIne. In order to get last version of CaRIne go the CaRIne Registred User Zone (for registred user only).

Download themes

Preview Name Main font
for Windows
Main font
for Linux
Included in
Download (2)
Light gray Arial Helvetica download
Blue gray Arial Helvetica download
Dark gray Arial Helvetica download
Electric blue Arial Helvetica download
Darkness Arial Helvetica download
Redmond like Arial Helvetica download

(2) - Approximate size of a theme file : from 4 kb to 10 kb.