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Projects : A fullproof and opened architecture

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Every thing starts with a project

The 4.0 CaRIne software is organised around modular and upgradable projects which allow the addition of new modules for the next 4.x versions to come without modifying at all the software organisation

All the work made during a 'CaRIne session' is grouped within projects. A project includes a list of interactive models or calculations. Each project has its own window. A project includes a list of unit cells and several lists of crystals, surfaces... created from those unit cells.

The different projects also allow you to save your work in its integrity and even to send it to one of your colleagues or to students by simply making a copy of a file directory.

The projects are managed via the project manager : a new project is created from this window (existing projects are also opened from this window). CaRIne is a multi-projects system, several projects can be opened simultaneously.