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High quality graphics, editing drawings

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  • Many kind of visualisations are made possible by numerous options,
  • 3D rendering calculation regarding to device resolutions (screens, printers...) with lighting, intersection and transparency (4.0 version),
  • 3D rotation and projection in real time,
  • high quality printing with total control on the quality of work : in colored or black and white visualisation modes, choice of the resolution and size of the printed pictures or exported ones to JPEG, BMP... formats),
  • pictures export in JPEG, BMP, PPM, PNG formats to word processing, drawing and presentation software.
  • real lattices, reciprocal lattices, stereographic projections, X-Ray diffraction, calculation lists (by a simple copy and paste manipulation or export of EMF or WMF files) for 3.1 CaRIne version.