A fullproof and opened architecture

The 4.0 CaRIne software is organised around modular and upgradable projects which allow the addition of new modules for the next 4.x versions to come without modifying at all the software organisation...

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Multi-tasks : reactivity, rapidity, efficiency

Take advantage of the power of nowadays operating systems and processors...

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High quality graphics

The standalone TrueShading software has been fully included in the version 4.0 and 3D graphic representations are calculated in real time with lighting, intersection and transparency. The rendered pictures can be saved to popular file formats...

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Do not be dependent on your operating system choice, and run CaRIne 4.0 now on Microsoft Windows and Linux. The CaRIne Mac OS X release will be available last term of 2004.

A powerfull and efficient Graphic User Interface

The new organisation of the graphic user interface allows to access rapidly to the parameters of crystallographic representations but also to the objects which they are built of by the intermediary of many interface widgets such as context popup menus , dialog boxes and objects inspectors.