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Reciprocal lattices (3.1 version)

  • 3D visualization : radii of nodes can be set proportionally to the structure factor computed with Z.
  • 2D visualization : plane cut of the reciprocal lattice from the definition of a zone axis, electronic diffraction patterns interpretation.
  • provides calculation functions to help interpreting electron diffraction patterns and some graphic tools of measurement of distance and angles with the mouse.
  • mouse rotations with calculation of the zone axis in real time.

Stereographic projections (3.1 version)

  • directions, poles and plane traces are projected, every combination is possible (3 or 4 indices).
  • interactive geometric calculations with the mouse.
  • editing of stereographic projections.
  • orientation / rotation with the mouse.
  • several stereographic projections can be superposed allowing the research and visualization of orientation relationships.

X-Ray diffraction patterns (XRD, 3.1 version)

  • the calculation of the peak positions and intensities (structure factors, multiplicity...). CaRIne knows the atomic scatering factor of atoms according to the sin(teta)/lambda parameter.
  • calculation of envelopes, the integral width of peaks can also be taken into account.
  • superposition on the same diagram of several patterns calculated by giving mixing coefficients for each powder.
  • import and superposition of experimental and reference files (for example JCPDs).