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The graphic representation of crystals

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The CaRIne software interprets crystals as being all information which allows the construction of a complete 3D graphic representation. Each object of the motif creates one ore several objects in the 3D graphic representation. The calculation of a 3D graphic representation is executed regarding to properties owned by the objects of the motif and user defined building options.

A powerfull "crystallographic builder" has been developed for the 4.0 version and crystal representations can contain thousands of objects without penalizing the rapidity of execution of the program.

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Many options are available to build and visualisaze crystals. For example, it is possible to select the types of objects to be searched and built (lattice points, frames, atoms, bonds, polyhedra), or it is possible to use a translation vector for lattice points and atoms.

The spread of crystals is not limited to integral number of unit cells and giving a null spread along one of the three lattice vectors (a, b or c) allows to work in 2 dimensions.

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The lattice points and the atoms of a crystal can be translated independently along a vector for which the coordinates are given in the unit cell reference frame (Rc). The (xyz) coordinates of the translation vector must be taken in the interval ]0;1[.