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Unit cell definitions and graphic representations

Many options have been added to the creation tools of the unit cells and it is possible to choose an equivalent position generator among the 14 Bravais lattices or the 230 space groups. The equivalent position generator defines the lattice and the lattice point list is generated automatically.

In the 4.0 version the lattice points are objects as a whole, which is very important for teaching : indeed it is easy to build up a crystal by combining a lattice and a motif. The motif of a unit cell has not only a list of atom positions but also a list of bonds between atoms and a list of coordination polyhedra. The bonds and the polyhedra are automatically searched for each building up of a crystallographic representation.

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The graphic representation of crystals

The CaRIne software interprets crystals as being all information which allows the construction of a complete 3D graphic representation. Each object of the motif creates one ore several objects in the 3D graphic representation...

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The graphic representation of surfaces

CaRIne 4.0 includes new tools to create and visualize in an interactive way surfaces...

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The graphic representation of interfaces

An interface is defined via the definition inspector window as a surface stacking. The orientation relationships within an interface are defined quickly and easely by many interactive tools. The search for coincidences can be activated for lattice points and atoms...

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(hkl) planes & [uvw] directions

In addition to the objects created from a unit cell or added from the interactive tools, several [uvw] directions and (hkl) planes can be associated to a graphic representation...

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Orientating a 3D graphic representation

CaRIne allows to orientate in a precise way a 3D graphic representation via the orientation inspector window. The orientation of graphic representation can be made in a quick and approximate way with the help of the mouse...

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