CaRIne 3.1 & 4.0 : Why 2 versions ?

The new 4.0 version has an architecture and a graphic user interface which will, later on, allow an easy and very powerful integration (multi-tasks) of the simulation and analysis modules such as: stereographic projections, X-Ray diffraction on powders and singlecrystals, reciprocical lattices in 3D and 2D, a dedicated module of electronic diffraction but also a good assistance in writing out reports.

As long as these modules will not be available, the 3.1 version will be delivered with the 4.0 version. The different files of both versions (3.x and 4.0) are of course compatibles

3D Modeling : unit cells, crystals, surfaces and interfaces (4.0 version)

The 4.0 version allows of course the building up of crystals made of several thousands of unit cells. But also it is now possible to build up surfaces, grain boundaries and interfaces interactively with the help of graphic tools and 3D orientation of structures with the mouse.

More and more performed objects

Many interactive tools have been added to modify or create 3D representations of crystals (interactive bond and polyhedron searching, distance indications...).

During the construction of a 3D representation, a trace of all the modifications is kept and re-played for each building up. The (hkl) planes and the [uvw] directions are materialised and are used to orientate in a quick and precise way the crystallographic representations.

A powerfull "crystallographic builder" has been developed for the 4.0 version and crystallographic representations can contain thousands of objects without penalizing the rapidity of execution of the program.

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Simulation, calculation and analysis (3.1 version)

If the 4.0 version is focused on 3D modeling of crystals, the 3.1 version is still a reference for the simulation and analysis. CaRIne 3.1 exposes in a clear way the relationships between different geometrical representations of crystals and brings them in a user friendly interface :

  • stereographic projections,
  • X-Ray diffraction on powders,
  • reciprocical lattices in 3D and 2D,
  • (hkl) plane-based calculation lists.

All the unit cells created with the 4.0 version can be sent directly to the 3.1 version via the [Send to CaRIne 3.1] command.

Note : The 3.1 version of CaRIne is available for Microsoft Windows only.

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